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High-quality exhibition brands
Professional exhibitor recommendations
Combining the advantages of online and offline transactions, The Industrial Network will benefit you in conducting business with Chinese manufacturers. At the same time, real-time meetings will be arranged on-site, allowing every buyer to have face-to-face communication with exhibitors and obtain the latest products, making cross-border trade across the world
01 - Dependable suppliers and products
Verified suppliers and quality products. The organizer has verified that all suppliers attending the exhibition are from leading Chinese companies. Furthermore, you will be able to select from a variety of high-quality products covering the major industries.
02 - Translation services at no cost
Don't be concerned about the language barrier. You will be able to communicate with suppliers more efficiently and effectively if you use professional translation and interpreting services.
03 - Online and in-person partner search
Matching ensures that sourcing is efficient. The Match-Making program can assist you in locating the best supplier and products.
04 - RFQ (Request for Offer)
Get the ask-for-offer services for free. Fill out the form and submit it. Your personal sales manager will assist you in finding the best match for your product, quantity, and price.
What you can expect out of this expo?
The Industrial Network is honored to invite industry-TOP exhibitors attend this Tradeshow. These top companies not only enjoy a good reputation and popularity in the industry, but also have rich experience and expertise in product design, R&D, manufacturing and sales. As the core Value of this exhibition, They will display the latest and highest quality products and services, and share their leading position and successful experience in the industry with visitors.
Choose the region you want to exhibit in.
Fill out the pre-registration information and clearly specify the procurement needs.
Download and save your digital badge for onsite admission.
Bring the digital badge for quick entry at the venue or print a paper badge on site for entry.